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Pigeon Raising

You are already saying to yourself, Pigeon Raising? Yes, I have been involved with pigeon breeding since I was seven years old. It all started when a racing homer got lost and flew into our neighbor's garage. I went over there and caught the pigeon. I took her home and that is when my father explained all about pigeon raising to me and the joys of racing homers along with the fancy show pigeons. We visited a local pigeon show at that time that was held in Fairfield, CT. When we walked through the doors my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing. Pigeons in all different colors, sizes, and shapes. It was exactly like walking into a pet store and looking at the different birds on display at the store, but these were all pigeons. I immediately found a fancy breed I wanted to have called the Komorner Tumbler. My father purchased a pair for me and that is when I really got hooked on the hobby. Helping build a small coop and breeding was fun. Then when the parents would lay and hatch the eggs it was amazing to watch the young grow so fast. Through the years I have had various different breeds of pigeons. Today, I keep and raise what are called Old German Owls, Classic Frills, African Owls and pure white racing homers which by the way, are from the same pigeons that were kept and raised at Disney World in Florida up until 2005 when Disney decided to close and shutdown their coop that was located right behind the castle. This was due to the hawks that would harm the pigeons when released.

Today I am still heavily involved with the hobby. I am a local member of the Faircount Pigeon Club and a member of various other clubs. I am President of the Old German Owl Club and also help and create the quarterly newsletter. I build and maintain dozens of club websites for the hobby along with running my own website called PigeonClubsUSA.com.

One of the greatest treasurers of this hobby is how it allows you to travel throughout the country and even the world attending pigeon shows. I have attended pigeon shows in several locations along the East Coast from Maine to Florida, and as far west as Kentucky and California.

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