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Who doesn't love to travel? Some of the best times are just getting in the car and going for that really long road trip to Florida, also known as a "research" trip. Every time you visit a new destination or even a place you've already been to, you'll learn something new. One of my favorite places is traveling to Florida, whether it's by air, car, or train. All options will give you different opportunities of "researching" along the way.

Florida is one of my favorite vacation locations due to Disney and the beaches. I have visited Tampa, Clearwater Beach, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Fort Pierce, and Key West. These are amazing beaches - the sand it soft, the water is blue, and the they're great beaches for collecting sea shells. 

Disney World is definitely my #1 favorite places for family fun! It's the only place in the world that turns into a magical place when you step foot on their property. I try to stay on top of current news and rumors that are taking place at Disney. I currently hold an annual pass which allows me access in to any of the four main parks every day for a full year which is then renewed annually. Jeff is also a DVC owner. I do travel to Disney at least two to three times per year, and sometimes more. I don't do it just for the rides, but for the enjoyment of all the attractions, the surroundings, and the learning that takes place - especially at Epcot. This might explain why one of my top favorite rides out of all the parks is the "People Mover - Transit Authority."

I lived in many states while growing up, which allowed me to see a lot when I was very young. My memories of living in other states start at about ages of four or five years old. I do remember living in the states of Washington, New York, and Connecticut, which is where I have lived for the majority of my life now.

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